• Luvina Beckley Works to Make Communities Stronger

  • Posted on March 10, 2018
  • Luvina Beckley knows, when community officials need the funding to engage in a new project to help the people who live there, they need funding from many sources, especially when there isn’t enough tax revenue to go around, or they need to take time to pay. Unfortunately, there is always a limited amount of funding available from agencies, foundations, investors and other funders, so it is necessary for a grant or other funding proposal to stand out from the inevitable crowd of applicants who want a piece of the same pie.

    Making the right grant proposal that gets the money is a major challenge, but it's a challenge Luvina Beckley relishes. Several things become crystal clear when you look more closely into her background, but the most important trait she has is her tendency to meet every challenge head on. Luvina Beckley has always been competitive, of course. In fact, she was once a prominent college basketball player, who starred on a team that won a national championship in Division III way back in 1983.

    There is a good possibility that such a competitive edge makes Luvina Beckley better than most others in her profession. Since her job is to secure grants for important projects, she wants to do her best. She sees that as just as big a challenge as hitting a 15-foot jumper with a second to go in front of a crowd of thousands, and she is determined to hit the jackpot every time for her clients. Luvina Beckley also has her proven expertise when it comes to providing an economic boost to regional and local communities through the use of community revitalization activities, grants and targeted investment. She can do it all because she's done it all.

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